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Up &Close With: Jazz Master Funk (Dundee South Africa)

We have Jazz MasterFunk,inmy opinion, one ofthemost versatile,undergroundpodcastersIve ever known and listened to….beena longtimeI’ve had thisplanned. Thanks for takingtime and sharingwithus your views aboutmusic


-The milliondollarquestion,who andwhere is Jazz Master Funk from?:

-JAZZ MASTER FUNK Is A Young Lad Born And Bred In North Of Kwazulu- Natal (The Battlefields) The Heart Of The Zulus And The British Battlefield in A Small Community Of Town Called Dundee

-How long have you beenapodcaster:

-Ive Been Doing This For 3 years Now

-Whatmessage doyoumostly spreadaboutthroughyour mixes?

-Chuckles* I Always Spread Love Man In All My Mixes I Try Tell Stories

-Tell us briefly about howit all began:

-SHUUUUU* It All Began With My Pops Man He Was The Guy That Introduced Me To Sound In General He Was A Sucker For Good Music ..I remember Back Then He Had These Big Sony speakers And Ran A Car Tape Deck With It And It Would Really Bang And Every Weekend When He Ain’t Working He Would Sit Under The Tree Smoking A Blunt Bumping Joints From Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, john Coltrane, Stevey wonder, Teddy Pandegrass But He Was A Huge Pac Fan He Loved 2 Pac A Real Sucker For Gangster Rap, And He Also Listened To House.

I Remember When He Had Passed Away I Found Cassettes Of House Afrika vol1 And Djs At Work And Other Various Artist


-Who doyouworkwithmostly andattimes?:

-I’m A Lone Wolf Man But Ive Been Working With A Very a talented Lad Who Goes By The Alias GHTSG (Glenn Hobbs)

-Ive come across some ofyour unpublishedworkyouonce shared. Care toshare with us your side ofmusic

production? The Journey andallyou can putonthe table:

-I Remember 2015 was The First Time I Encountered Fruity Loops And Fell In Love With It I Started To Teach Myself How To Make Loops And The Rest Is History. Ive Been Working On A EP since 2016 And I Feel Like It Aint Ready But It’s Almost There just needs alil brushing up and we good to go

-Your top5 podcastshows:

-Deep Inspiration Show, Time 4 House, Sound so Deep, Deepspace Podcast, Ashmed Hour

-Your top5 InternationalProducers:

-Top Shuuuu, Alfa Mist, Kamaal williams, Gregor Yan, Dubbyman, Moddyman

-Your Top5 localProducers:

-Top 5 Local Chuckles*, Mandla Jamela, Nuno Esteves, GHTSG, Secret Souls, Troy Mafofo

-Where DoYou see SouthAfrican DeepHouse InThe Next6 Years?:

…I See S.A Deep House Global As In Every International Festival, Ibiza You Name It I want S.A Deep House Dominating

-Whatcanyou say is the different between artistic music andraw music?:

-Raw Music Is Organic Bruv, Artistic Music Is More specific you know different Moods Different Day Type of thing Raw Music Is Just Raw It Is What It Is

-What’s your musicalmemory for the pastyear?:

-whooh!!! It Had To Be Kamaal Williams And Alfa mist Bruv Did You Hear They Albums Bruv The guys From Uk Are Just Dropping Heat

-Doyou see any significance inmusicroyalties forartistswhorelease in12’wax?:

-Yeah I do

-What’s your take onmusical platforms/communities like Discogs andResidentAdvisor,doyoufind any significance in the effortthy give to music in general?:

-HAHAHA Discogs Whoo To Be Honest If Aint Nobody Else Has Maybe Lets Say A 12″ By So And So Artist And Discogs Is The Only That Has It Just Know Its Double The Price

-how importantis music signature accordingtoyou?:

-Not Really Important Hey I Like To Listen To An Artist Be Like Shiiiiiii* Is That Really Jazz Master Funk Shit His Sound Is So Wavy And then when The Artist Drops Something Else It Must Also Captivated me

-tell us aboutyour music collections:

-I Collect Alot Of Contemporary Stuff. FROM Afro Soul To Nu-Jazz To Neo-Soul R&b Gangtsa Rap I mean I Grew Up On Gansta Rap, Jazz, House And Alot Of Golden Oldies

whatcanwe expect from JazzMaster Funk for 2018/2019?:

-Im Working with Glen Hobbs On Some Material So Watch The Space

-Any lastwords?:

-YEAH To All The Homies Awtche Hustling Tryna Get They Material Out There To The World Keep Pushing Dont Give Up It’ll All Be Good!!!

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